Orson Mobley 2015

About Orson Mobley

A former NFL tight end for five seasons for the Denver Broncos after being drafted in the sixth round of the 1986 draft from Salem by the Denver Broncos.

A bruising TE/H-back, Mobley stood at 6-5, 256 and fit in well with the Broncos play-action passing offense. With pretty decent hands and a nice pop, Orson quickly developed a rapport with starting quarterback John Elway with 23 receptions for 332 yards and his first TD reception in the season finale against the Seattle Seahawks.

  • In 1987, Mobley started 6 games and make 16 receptions and a touchdown. 
  • 1988 marked career highs in games started for Orson with 9. He’d lodge 21 receptions for 218 yards and 2 tds as a sneaky option inside the red zone. 
  • The NFL hastily in 1989 instituted a new drug policy and Orson, along with Leroy Irvin and 11 other players would be suspended 3 games. 
  • Mobley only started 5 games that season, but still managed 17 receptions for 200 yards.

Some of my highlights

I was homeless and living on the street, I was having problems with my left foot. I had already had my big toe removed, from poor circulation. 
  • People were telling me for years that if I didn’t do something about my addiction, that I was going to die, and I didn’t believe them, now I believe.
  • I was not looking for a relationship with God, I was trying to find a way to stay sober.
It started for me back in high school because I was a three-sport athlete. My school allowed me to do whatever I wanted to, no one ever corrected my bad behavior, what they said was don’t worry about it we will take care of it and because of that my understanding of what was love was warped. I thought that my school really cared about me.
As a young child I never had a father in my life. I had two sisters and a brother. My sister lived with her father, and my other sister and my brother lived with my grandparents, because my mom could not afford to take care all of us.

Orson Mobley

Former NFL Tight End - Denver Broncos